Term & Conditions
  1. General information
  2. Rules on opening an account
  3. Deposits, Withdrawals and Transfers
  4. Malfunction and Blocks Games
  5. Policies for Bets
  6. Responsible Gaming
  7. Responsibility
  8. Protection of personal data
  9. Copyright
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  • 1.1 Yangagames Technologies Limited is a sports betting operator with a trade name Yangawin; registered under the laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number RC1499365 and has its registered office at 3a Bola Ademuyiwa Street, Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria. The Company holds sports betting licenses under the laws of Nigeria with several states of the nation. All the services; Sports book, Poker, YangaWin Live Casino, Casino Games, Virtual Games, Race, Skill Games, Bingo operate under the license of YangaWin and shall be subject exclusively to the laws of Nigeria. For the avoidance of doubt, all the problems related to the games mentioned in this clause 1.1, i.e., Sports book, Poker, YangaWin Live Casino, Casino Games, Virtual Games, Race , Skill Games and Bingo are reported and resolved exclusively in accordance with the laws and regulations of Nigeria.
  • 1.2 Unless otherwise specified, YangaWin should be listed in this section of the Terms and Conditions as “company “. Any reference to the company, unless otherwise specified, must also refer to each of the parties as in this case. This agreement established the terms and conditions of the contractual relationship between the company and any person registered with on the Yangawin’s paltform, which is recognized as a player. Each player is required to accept these Terms and Conditions when registering an account with the company and is bound by them for the duration of the relationship.
  • 1.3 1.3 The company reserves the right to change (modify) these Terms and Conditions including the rules and betting on games at any time and without notice. The company will do ' everything possible to inform the players when they incur substantial changes in the Terms and Conditions or in the Rules. Players will be prompted to accept the new terms before proceeding. However, it is the player's responsibility to periodically check whether there have been any changes. If a player, as a result of any changes, do not wish to use multiple services of the Company may withdraw all available funds and close his/her account.
  • 1.4 1.4 It should be noted that the contractual relationship between a registered player who plays with YangaWin is governed by these Terms and Conditions (where applicable).
  • 1.5 1.5 In case there were any differences between the English language version and the version in other languages? These Terms and Conditions, for each rule or content of the website, the English version prevails.
  • 1.6 1.6 It is recommended that you print a copy of these Terms and Conditions and Rules of betting on the games as your own reminders, and store it in a place easily accessible by you.

    • 2.1 Any player who requires opening must have the highest age , 18 years, or in the case of Estonia at least 21 years of age .
    • 2.2 2.2 Residents of other countries are advised not to register as players on our platforms.
    • 2.3 2.3 Registered players on our platform hereby undertake to comply at all times with these Terms and Conditions and confirm the following:
      - That the player will not use money derived from criminal activity to gamble on our platforms
      - That the player will not try to obtain unauthorized access to the systems of the Company or to change codes or content in any way,
      - That the player must not participate or bring prosecutions ( criminal ) against any or all of the Company's affiliates and Their players.
    • 2.4 In the event that a player does not comply with one plus standards referred to in paragraphs 2.1,2.2 , and 2.3 , the company will be allowed to close the account and confiscate the funds available.
    • 2.5 2.5 It is the player's responsibility to monitor his/her account and activities being carried out on such account with the Company to ensure that there is no violation of any law and that the parties concerned hold the legal age in their jurisdiction.
    • 2.6 2.6 In order to open an account with the Yangawin, the potential customer must correctly fill in the registration form located on the website www.yangawin.ng and read and accept the Terms and Conditions
    • 2.7 The player must provide correct information during the registration process . This information should include , name, sex, date of birth , home address , email address and telephone number. All information is kept by the Company or any of them, to enable and offer their services to players. Players must also undertake to update this information in a timely manner if there were any changes to their personal data.
    • 2.8 The player can record and keep only one active account .
    • 2.9 The Company may ' at its discretion and without giving any reason , refuse to open an account or decide the closure of an existing one. If the Company decides to close an account that already exists, all contractual obligations entered into previously will be honored .
    • 2.10 All accounts must be open and must operate in Naira currency.
    • 2.11 The Company is not 'a ' financial institution and does not pay any interest on the funds, regardless of the amount , but they are only stored in the customer's account.
    • 2.12 It is the player's responsibility to draw the winnings and report them to the proper authorities , if the player resides in a jurisdiction where your winnings are taxable.
    • 2.13 During the registration process , the player must choose a username and a password to login. The password can be changed by the player at any time.
    • 2.14 The player must keep secret their Username and Password . In accordance with this standard, the Company recommend NOT to write your own Username and Password so that they can be easily found and used . The Company also recommends that you do not leave your computer unattended when the player is logged in, in order to avoid that anyone can use the account without his consent. The Company may also want the player to set a password with a minimum length of 8 characters and contains uppercase and lowercase letters , numbers and other characters (eg Asdf12 / 3).
    • 2.15 If you make a bet using the username and password of a player, this will be considered as made by the same player and it will be accepted and valid.
    • 2.16 The Company prohibits collusion between players and the use of devices or programs that alter the normal operation of the game (such as robots ) .
    • 2.17 The Company reserves the right to verify and confirm the identity of his players at any time , even after pouring operations . When deemed necessary , the Company will require ' the documents certifying the identity of the player and will forward them to the office . Examples of documentation requested could be certified copy of the identity card, passport , bank statements , references, bills, copy of credit card , etc. .
    • 2.18 On a player's account can not be sold or given to third parties.
    • 2.19 If you open an account with www.yangawin.ng remains inactive for a period of thirty ( 30) months or more , the funds in the account will be transferred to the account from which they are derived .

    • 3.1 Yangawin offers you several ways in which you can fund and withdraw from your account. We may request for a means of identification to confirm the identity of account owner as requested by regulatory bodies and to comply with relevant KYC and anti-laundering provisions. Documents to be requested are include but not limited to;
      1) Regulatory ID card (PVC, National ID card, Driver’s license or int’l passport)
      2) Current utility bill with your registered address on our platform
    • 3.2 All the payment transaction(s) on the company’s platforms shall be processed in line with the terms of Agreement between Yangawin and its payment solution providers.
    • 3.3 Yangawin will not be responsible for any payments made by and to players through any other method aside the ones provided on Yangawin’s platforms under the Deposit/Withdrawal page.
    • 3.4 Transaction processing fee as it may apply on your deposit/withdrawal in line with the service agreement between Yangawin and the payment solution providers.
    • 3.5 Minimum deposit per transaction is ₦100 while the maximum is ₦1,000,000 or less depending on the acceptable limit by the payment solution provider.
    • 3.6 Minimum Withdrawal ₦1000 for online players and ₦5,000 for retail agent while the maximum withdrawal ₦500,000 per transaction
    • 3.7 The deposited funds must be used to place bets on different services offered and cannot be withdrawn
    • 3.8 All transactions are checked for possible money laundering activity. Any suspicious activity could be reported to relevant authorities and may lead to freezing of funds and also close the account and the forfeiture of funds therein.
    • 3.9 The bonuses from time to time may be accumulated in a player's account as a result of a promotion or a marketing campaign. More details on each bonus scheme will be published on the website as they are introduced. Bonuses can be taken only if all the conditions of the bonus are met.
    • 3.10 Funds transfer between online players accounts are prohibited. The players can at any time have access to their account and view the status of their account showing all their transaction history such as deposits, bonuses, winnings, bets and withdrawals. If a player should find any error in his/her account, he/she must notify the company by contacting customer care officer for correction via email, live chat, phone call or WhatsApp using the contact details provided on this platform within sixty (60) days from the error date it was discovered.
    • 3.11 Withdrawals to a bank account with a different name of the account holder on the platform must be declined
    • 3.12 The player acknowledges that the Company may honour withdrawal requests only after verifying the identity of the players.

    • 4.1 Any bet received before any form of system malfunctioning due to poor internet connection could be accepted and will participate in the game. The result of the game may be verified by the player in the moment in which the device or the connection resumes its operation.
    • 4.2 If the device malfunctions or lack of connection happens in the Live Blackjack when the player's cards are still under sixteen (16) points and another card or cards will be given until the total points exceed sixteen (16) or twenty-one ( 21) , the player will be credited with any winnings . No game can be made at the time were to miss the connection, or when a player is unable to communicate with the dealer for one (1 ) minute.
    • 4.3 If you experience a malfunction of one of the Company's systems before the result of the play is confirmed , they will be immediately given void .
    • 4.4 If you have a problem with the roulette wheel , all bets already confirmed, will be retained and will participate in the game once the problem is resolved .

    • 5.1 A bet can be made only by a registered player .
    • 5.2 A bet can be made from any device of distance communication such internet enabled cell phones or other electronic devices
    • 5.3 A bet can only be done if the player has sufficient funds in his/her account with Yangawin to play such bet
    • 5.4 A wager when combined , will be governed by the version of the Terms and Conditions and the Rules on Betting / Gaming in force at the time of acceptance.
    • 5.5 A bet is accepted as soon as it is received , validated and processed by the system of the Company. The confirmation is then sent to the device or computer player with a unique number to time stamp , which does not mean that the bet is been matched , but confirms only that the society recognizes the intention of the player .
    • 5.6 Betting on games for which the player had access to privileged information, are not permitted. In the event of a suspected violation of this rule, the company reserves the right to void the bet and not to pay the winnings. Yangawin is hereby further enshrined with the rights to take further action to protect the legitimate interests of the company in conformity with other laws and regulations.
    • 5.7 The company reserves the right to accept or refuse bets on any event without giving any reasons
    • 5.8 The list of all the bets , their status and details of the same are available for the player on the site after you login .
    • 5.9 In the case of betting on an interrupted or canceled event(s), the player will be reimbursed for the full amount of his/her stake(s) on the affected events.
    • 5.10 In the event that the society decided to close an account , bets that were already matched will not be canceled and the player will be paid for ` all winnings .
    • 5.11 A bet in which an event has already been settled cannot be modified, withdrawn or canceled by the player.
    • 5.12 An error regarding the details of one or more bets ` will not affect the validity of the bet. If the event on which the bet was made is not is correct, this will make ` automatically void the bet.
    • 5.13 Yangawin reserves the rights not to accept all or part of a bet without providing a reason to the customer. If a bet is not accepted, customer’s stakes are refunded.
    • 5.14 Before an event starts, the company reserves, at its own discretion, the rights to void or cancel part or whole, of a bet even after its acceptance without providing any reason to the customer.
    • 5.15 After an event has started, the company reserves, at its own discretion, the rights to void or cancel part or whole of a bet, even after its acceptance if there is a valid reason for this, such as:
      • mistake in the wording (palpable error) of the event or the odds, or starting time.
      • the customer attempted to bypass company limits (potential payout) and risk management by placing multiple identical or similar bets or opening multiple accounts
      • the customer is getting advantage of any public announcement or secret information he has access to that determines the outcome of the bet.
      • the customer combined related bets.
      • the customer is actively participating in the event, such as Players, Referees, Managers or has direct or indirect relationship with events participants.
      • the company suffers a technical error offering wrong odds or events.
      • any other valid reason which will be duly communicated to customer upon request.
    • 5.16 YangaWin reserves the rights to cancel all bets of an event, if there is any change regarding the venue of the event
    • 5.17 The company further reserves the right to cancel all bets if there are radical changes in the circumstances of an event such as the length of playing time, the distance in a race speed or the number of periods, etc.
    • 5.18 When a player places one or more bets, he/she acknowledges that he/she has read and fully understood all the terms and conditions and the rules on betting offered by company as indicated on the platform.
    • 5.19 The company manages the player's account, calculates the available funds, the funds on hold, the funds of bets in progress, as well as ` the amount of winnings. Unless proved otherwise, these amounts are considered final and are to be considered accurate.
    • 5.20 The player is fully responsible for the bets made on the Internet. The company will not be held responsible for any errors that may be made while placing a bet by the player, including errors or quotas on the amounts played accepted.
    • 5.21 winnings will be paid to the players account after confirmation of the final result. However, the company reserves the right to block any winnings in case there were investigations on the outcome of an event resulting from a suspected criminal activity that may have affected the result of the event. If the irregularities were confirmed, the company reserves the right to cancel their bets.
    • 5.22 In the event that the company becomes aware of the fact that a player has placed a series of bets from different accounts, all the concerned bets will be void. The company reserves the right to take additional measures deemed necessary.
    • 5.23 If bets that exceed the limit established for each are accepted, the excess amount will be ignored and your wager is maximized with the consequent return of the difference to the counterparty and the bet.
    • 5.24 You can check exceptionally communication errors. The bets are confirmed upon receipt on our servers. If there is any ' interference or problems in communication at the time of placing the bet, but it is received in our server, such bet will be considered valid. ` The player will be informed of the acceptance of a bet after restarting the communication, at which time the bet may have been already combined and / or terminated.
    • 5.25 The maximum limit for winnings on bet per customer is limited to ₦20,000,000 per day. If for any reason your winning exceeds ₦20,000,000 on a bet per day, the player will only be paid up to ₦20,000,000 and the remaining amount will be forfeited. In the event that the customer confirms similar bets in order to get around this amount, the company reserves the right to pay only up to ₦20,000,000 per day. In event that the player opened many accounts in attempt to place bets identical, the company reserves the right to round up his/her winnings to ₦20,000,000 for all accounts of the same player. For the purpose of clarity, a day is from 00:00 WAT to 23:59 WAT (West African Time).
    • 5.26 Yangawin will employ all available resources to ensure the accuracy of all information on the site. However, should there be any obvious errors due to typing errors, transcription or reversal, www.yangawin.ng reserves the right to make corrections even to score and set the event to 1,00.
    • 5.27 If a football game is postponed or canceled for the day that was scheduled at the time when the bet was placed, then all bets on that game will be void unless the game is not played by the end of the next day what time published. An event interrupted for any reason (even at the last minute) and not resumed and completed within the time frame indicated, it shall be void and all bonus attached to the ticket will be revoked.
    • 5.28 All odds are variable. The valid feeds are the ones proposed by www.yangawin.ng upon confirmation of the bet. In case of dispute, they will prevail on the time and the changes contained in the database. www.yangawin.ng.
    • 5.29 In the case of some error in the publication of the shares, have an event already begun, and yet published on the site. SITE_URL reserves the right to attend the event with modifying giving Null share equal to 1, even at the end of the same. In the case of single bets, the stake will be refunded. In the case of multiple bets, the winning elements that contain both valid and deleted, the bet will still be winning and the share will be determined solely by the product of the odds for qualifying events.
    • 5.30 In the event of manifest error in the publication of shares / spread / handicaps / Total, we reserve the right to void all bets containing the incorrect entries even after the start and end of the event. In the case of multiple bets, the bet will be settled based on the remaining valid selections (if any).
    • 5.31 Error in the identity of the participating teams: when a team or a player is listed with the wrong name, all bets will be void, except if we decided that incorrect information does not face any difference to the payment of the bet.
    • 5.32 In the event that they are accepted by mistake multiple bets in which the result of a selection can have impact, or be regarded as being dependent on the outcome of another (for example, a team that wins a competition and win a single match at ' Inside the competition itself), these selections will be void and the bet will be paid considering the remaining valid selections (if any).
    • 5.33 In the case of position / result equal two or more competitors, the applied odds will be the odds of acceptance divided by the number of competitors that share the same result. If, for example, two competitors with the odds 2.80 and 1.90 share the same result (both are declared winners), the final odds will be 1.4 (2.80: 2) and 0.95 (1.90: 2).
    • 5.34 In the case of irregularities affecting the outcome of an event (eg a team that decides to play with spring training because of strikes, protests, illness, etc.), We reserve the right to declare null the entire event, even after its conclusion.

    • 6.1 Yangawin provides a self-exclusion facility to help you, if you feel that you have developed a gambling addiction
    • 6.2 A player can set their own betting limits / loss or deposit in a specified period of time. Any limits set by the player can be removed from the Personal Account page.
    • 6.3 A player may also block his/her account for a definite or indefinite period of time during which it should not bet.
    • 6.4 At your request, we will as soon as reasonably practicable, apply best practices in restricting your access to gamble on our platforms. To this end, we may retain such personal data as is necessary (and for as long as is necessary which may be indefinitely) to implement the facility as effectively as possible, including for example your name, address and credit/debit card details.
    • 6.5 Our self-exclusion facility involves a joint commitment between Yangawin and yourself. Reasonable steps would be taken to prevent you from re-opening your account or opening a new account.
    • 6.6 We shall not be liable if you circumvent our self-exclusion procedures and continue to use our services or if you continue to gamble with any third party.
    • 6.7 To activate our self-exclusion facility, please contact customer services using the contact information on the bottom of this page.

    • 7.1 YangaWin is responsible for only serious faults or malicious actions carried out by its officers, employees, agents.
    • 7.2 The Company YangaWin is not responsible for disruption in services, pages or the content of websites and links that may be present from time to time on YangaWin or other domains owned by the Company.
    • 7.3 The Company is not responsible if you experience significant events such as a strike, terrorist activity, political crises, wars, saturation of telecommunications networks or in case of natural disasters , all of which could lead to a total or partial reduction on your access to the company’s serve you on the internet or by phone.
    • 7.4 YangaWin will not be held liable for the consequences caused by the rupture of any device or software directly managed or outsourced, which could lead to a total or partial reduction of access to its services via the Internet or via telephone.
    • 7.5 In the event of any error or negligence on the part of the Company in connection with these Terms and Conditions, the compensation in favor of the player will never be greater than the available funds to the account of the player or not above the betting object of misconduct or negligence.
    • 7.6 Should one or more of the terms or conditions of this agreement be declared void by a Court of Justice, the remaining terms and conditions would still retain their validity.
    • 7.7 These Terms and Conditions overrides any previous agreement between YangaWin and the player. They replace all previous written or oral agreements notified by the Company or its staff.
    • 7.8 The Company YangaWin does not assume any responsibility for damage to a player or a third party arising directly or indirectly from a printing error and malfunction of the software

    • 8.1 The Company will use the personal information of the player only for the purpose for which it was collected, to provide an online betting service.
    • 8.2 The company does not share personal information of the player with third parties except to government authorities as may be required the law. Personal data of the player(s) may also be disclosed if it is considered necessary for the public interest.
    • 8.3 The player has the right to access his / her personal data and to request the modification or deletion.
    • 8.4 For more information about securing YangaWin personal details, refer to the Privacy Policy.

    • 9.1 YangaWin and all related logos are registered trademarks owned by YangaWin. Any unauthorized use of trademarks and / or logos of YangaWin can be punished by law.
    • 9.2 All content on the pages of YangaWin website, its URL and those of YangaWin are the property of YangaWin. Any unauthorized reproduction or misuse of these URLs or any of the content of the websites www.yangawin.ng are punishable by law.

    • 10.1 The Company will do everything possible to ensure a pleasant experience for the player. It may be possible, however, that in certain circumstances the player does not feel satisfied with the quality of the product or customer service. In this case, the player can send a complaint via e-mail to our customer service department at: info@yangawin.com. The complaint will be sent to our administration service and is usually processed within 48 hours from the time it is received.